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Accounting Software for Dry Cleaners

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Do You Need An Accounting Software For Your Business?

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Accounting Software for Dry Cleaners In Nigeria Kenya Ghana – Buy Best QuickBooks Accounting Software for Dry Cleaning Outfits – Premier Enterprise Dealers

You run a dry cleaning outfit which requires  you  to clean and keep lots of clothes received from customers with proper tag, description of quantity and amount expected to be paid before they are delivered to their various location.

This review focuses on what deploying the right accounting software solution will effortlessly do for your business.

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  • Creates automated invoice for dry cleaning service rendered (including clothes, descriptions, and the amount charged) which you can print or send to your customer’s email.
  • Tracks all cash received from customers, sales made for a specified period and effects all receipt to your preferred bank account.
  • Let’s you track all VAT on receipts and generate VAT payable to relevant tax authorities on a monthly basis.
  • Report all customers and their outstanding balances including the statement of account.
  • Tracks all business expenses incurred, bills outstanding and generate report showing overall company’s trend
  • Track all your bank balances, generate a statement of account and reconcile difference that exists at the end of the month.
  • Track all your dry cleaning equipment including their current value and provide room for depreciation charge on a monthly or annual basis.
  • Provides room for multi-user access to your central financial data file environment where each staff can work from different department simultaneously.
  • Generate accurate financial statements that show the business performance on a real time.
  • Monitor transaction entries from multiple locations and generate a report that is specific to that location. (For Enterprise Edition)
  • Monitor your overall business activities and financial performance.

While these are some of the basic customizable features of QuickBooks in the dry cleaning industry, you can connect our support centre for more questions and implementation service.


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