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Accounting Software for Supermarket

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Generally, a supermarket is known to be a general merchandise store that stocks different varieties of consumables and household products.

Because of the complexity of price differential and ascertaining the quantity of each of the products available in store on a real time without doing the normal daily count, accounting software has been designed to help business owners stay on top of their business.

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In using good accounting software for your supermarket, here are the key features you should watch out for:

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  • Tracks all product categories and price offers.
  • Monitor daily sales for each item and quantity available in store on a real time.
  • Report all expenses incurred and product purchases made within a specific period
  • Show a list of all your customers and account receivable balances if any
  • Show a list of all suppliers and account payable balances if any
  • Show a summary of bank balances, transactions by taking account of customers transfer into your bank, lodgements, cheque payments and charges
  • Helps you reconcile your bank balances with your accounting software bank balances
  • Track all departmental sales and provide top selling items in store
  • Tracks all stocks available on hand and branch transfers (Available on Enterprise Solutions only)
  • Show your business report: profit or loss account, statement of financial position, statement of cash flow, e.t.c for a specific period.
  • Generates all VAT on sales deductions and payables to relevant tax authorities.
  • And other customized reports as deemed necessary for management decision

While these tips can help you select the right accounting solution for your supermarket, you can also connect with our support center for inquiries and implementation services.

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