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Accounting Software for Warehouse Management

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Do You Need An Accounting Software For Your Business?

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Managing warehouses is not an easy task especially when you have multiple locations and massive inventories to deal with. Even those using Excel can confirm that you will get to a point where your excel sheet will become complex and ambiguous and at the end lead to a delay in prompt inventory reporting and reconciliation.

This guide focuses on what accounting software (customized for single, multiple warehouses(s) and inventory management) will do for your business.

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Deploying an inventory management and accounting software for your warehouse ensures you:

  • Track all multiple warehouse locations, set-up your current inventory including quantity available and balances (cost inclusive) in each of these locations.
  • Manage multi-users access on a shared network to the central data.
  • Track all new inventory purchases and amount paid.
  • Generate and assign bar code for your inventories.
  • Track your banking transactions and reconcile any difference that arises at the end of the month.
  • Hold your warehouse manager accountable for all inventory transfers from one warehouse to another without a hitch.
  • Accurately generate a report on inventory balances at each location including daily, weekly or monthly activities.
  • Track all inventory sales and cash received
  • Track all inventory damages and cost implication
  • Generate real-time stock valuation report and reveal movement over time.
  • Track all warehouse expenses and staff salary.
  • Track VAT charges on inventory sales and generates a report on VAT payables.
  • Manage your customers and suppliers account effectively as well track all inventory receipt and supply for specified period.
  • Monitor your overall performance by displaying your financial report on a real time.
  • Lot’s more

For enquiries on additional features, you expect an accounting software customized for a warehouse to deliver, you can connect with our support centre for implementation services.


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