What is the Price of QuickBooks Desktop in Nigeria?

QuickBooks is the leading software for small business accounting in Nigeria. The combination of its industry customizations, ease of use, and affordability amidst the rising cost of the US dollar, have been key drivers of acceptability among business owners.

For a new or existing user that’s looking for the price of QuickBooks desktop software in Nigeria, here is a complete guide to buying the software for your small business.

System Requirements for QuickBooks Desktop

Before you decide on the QuickBooks software you want to install on your PC, ensure that your system configuration meets the minimum specifications – this is the first stage to ensuring a hitch-free setup in a single or multi-user environment.

  • Make sure your system is upgraded to Windows 10 operating system (with 64-bit) for a seamless installation (confirm that your MS .Net Framework is updated to 4.6.1).
  • For fast data processing and efficiency, ensure that your system RAM is 4GB RAM but in a multi-user environment, we’d advise you to go for 8GB RAM with a 2.4GHz processor. (1-5 Users: 8GB RAM, 10 Users: 12GB RAM, 15 Users: 16GB RAM, and 20 Users: 20+GB RAM)
  • Windows Server: 2012 (R2), 2016
  • 2.5GB of disk space (additional required for data files).
  • After installation of QuickBooks desktop, Administrator rights are required for the server computer when hosting multi-user access.
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How We Configured QuickBooks POS Multi-Store in a Pharmacy


Solving the challenges of our clients and sharing the numerous success stories is our passion, our goal, and our joy as our clients are into diverse lines of businesses and various fields of work ranging from hotels, travels, financial services, co-operative societies, NGOs, etc.

Early this month, we were invited by a multi-store pharmacy to help fix their QuickBooks POS issues; they have different stores within and outside Lagos State but could not centralize their inventories nor link all the stores’ transactions to the head office for proper accountability. Another issue was that each of the stores was treated as an independent sales point which is not in the best practice of accountability, profitability and sustainability for a multi-Store. The good news is that our expert and professional team solved this challenge by introducing and configuring QuickBooks POS multi-store. Now they can send and receive files to/from other stores, with higher transparency and profit on the increase!

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This guide focuses on the basic step we explored to set up QuickBooks POS multistore in a pharmaceutical company.

Installing QuickBooks POS

The company had already installed QuickBooks POS but do not understand the processing of configuring a system as the main head office server where the company file resides, and sync with QuickBooks desktop financials. Our team checked the POS software and discovered that the system wasn’t properly installed nor set up to accommodate other retail branches in different locations, this was quickly fixed under the “Preference menu>multi-store” window.

Step-by- Solution:

  • List the number of stores to connect to the central head office POS.
  • Select the communication method, i.e., how you want to send and receive files to/from other retail stores.
  • Download a central Dropbox or Google Drive folder on PCs at the head office and at the retail stores.
  • Create a “send” and “receive” folder inside the downloaded Dropbox or Google Drive folder.

Configuring Store Exchange

The store exchange section is a very vital aspect of the QuickBooks POS multi-store setup as it is the core configuration that will help you send and receive files (like inventories, customers’ data, sales information, etc.) from other retail stores into the head office POS.

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Accounting Software For Day Care Business – A Review of QuickBooks Pro Customized for Pre-school Centres

This guide demystifies everything you need to know about managing your daycare centre, child care, preschool or similar child-centered business with QuickBooks accounting software; from keeping records of child names and outstanding balances, recording fees paid by parents, tracking expenses incurred on necessary play items to generating financial report for decision making.

You can find more ideas on School management accounting software

The setup and implementation processes for an educational institution; private school, nursery school, tutorial centres or  university is not different from child day care centre, they all share similar features:

From my consultation with a private school in Nigeria, here is how QuickBooks Pro works for Child Care Business;

Where to Buy Accounting Software for Private Schools Nigeria kenya Ghana

Customers’ Centre; The customer’s centre feature in QuickBooks lets you manage all the children details; name, parent’s address, contact information, outstanding balances and payment history; from there you can view all the payments made and transaction date.

School fees: There is an invoice section for generating school fees bill which will be sent to all guardians and at the same time help you build a report showing all the children in your care and payment due for a specific period. You can also generate parent receipts on actual amount paid and send it to them via mail.

Deposits: All cheque payment into your child care business account can also be tracked via the ‘Record Deposit‘ feature in QuickBooks which will be matched against the amount due as part or final settlement. At the end of the month, you can reconcile your actual bank balances with QuickBooks’ to avoid making decisions with wrong figures

Inventory; A good day care centre has necessary play items and toys and as such would love to have a proper record of their inventories, though it’s not meant for resale but for in-house use which would also be charged for the school fees payment, QuickBooks has a flexible inventory feature called ‘Non-Inventory Part‘ built to track all items purchased for internal uses.

Report; QuickBooks has a flexible reporting system that shows you over 50 customised reports on how your daycare centre is performance, including, but are not limited to:

  • Family Account Balance
  • Account Activity Reports
  • Customer Statements & Receipts
  • Aging Reports / Accounts Receivable
  • Total Revenue & Income Reports
  • Bank Deposit Reports
  • Year End Tax Statements
  • Receivable Journal Summary

While these are some of the deliverables of an accounting software designed to help daycare managers run their business effectively, you can connect with us at info@accountingsoftware.com.ng for more discussion on how can set you up faster.