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ProbityBooks – Simple Sales & Accounting Software For Small Business

Sponsored: The next wave of financial management software offering is Cloud and accounting software is not left out. Cloud-based accounting software is a web-based solution that lets you manage and track your business activities from anywhere. Whether you sell from anywhere, run expenses on site or want to issue an invoice to a client outside your office,  here is a review of how ProbityBooks is designed to meet your accounting needs.

ProbityBooks – A Web Based Accounting Software

ProbityBooks is a simple sales accounting software that makes it easy for you to run and manage your business without you needing to be an accounting specialist. The platform is designed to set you up quickly.

Quick Features of ProbityBooks Online Accounting Software

  • Create and send invoice on the move
  • Overdue payment reminder
  • Capture expenses anywhere
  • View real-time profit/loss status
  • Multiple currencies
  • Safe and securely backed up in the cloud.

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ERP Software in Nigeria – SAP Software For Enterprise

ERP is an enterprise application built to help medium and large business simplify their complex business system; it comes with robust functionalities that integrate all the departments of an organisation into a platform for easy interaction.

You cannot imagine an organisation with presence across all the states with each branch (standing an independent entity made up of accounting, finance, sales, purchases, production, marketing and human resources department) to grow in smooth line if there is no proper system that tracks all the periodic activities; at department , branch, regional to national level.

On which ERP software is the best to deploy in Nigeria, I will advise that you do an internal check to gauge the capability of your business; growth and resource. There are several ERP software but the most popular of them is SAP.

ERP Software in Nigeria - SAP Software For Enterprise

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Fix Error 1935 During QuickBooks Installation;

This guide focuses on how to fix Error 1935 on your computer.

Installing QuickBooks on a computer system is a process that should take at most 15 minutes. But, in a situation where you encounter a challenge like Error 1935; which is a problem caused by the absence of .NET Framework on your operating system, how would you resolve it? Here is what I did when setting QuickBooks Pro 2016 for a Chinese phone maker here:

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