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How to Buy QuickBooks from a Dealer that Offers Support.

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QuickBooks dealers in Nigeria for small and growing businesses – Before you buy QuickBooks accounting software from any seller or consultants in your area, read these tips for proper guidance.

The increasing demand for accounting software in a post-Covid era is expected to surge to levels not yet seen before as small and growing businesses look for alternative ways to manage their financial records, track cash flow and have their data stored in a safe platform that’s not only devoid of physical contact but accessible remotely, in case they need to make swift business decisions on the go.

But how do you cut through the advertising noise in the marketplace, and screen for the best vendor for your QuickBooks needs? Here are core questions you should always ask before you decide on the best QuickBooks dealers in Nigeria:

Request For Our Accounting Software Service

For over 5 years, we have implemented QuickBooks and Sage 50 for several companies under Retail, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Real Estate & Construction, Travels, Hospitality,Legal, Co-operatives, NGOs, Financial & Service Sectors.
  • Mbaire Services Nigeria Ltd(Construction)
  • Chisco Transport Limited(Transport)
  • Lounge38(Hotel and Bars)
  • CTRL System Technologies Limited(Procurements)
  • Aristokrat 360 Limited(Creative & Media Agency)
  • Alpha Pharmacy (Health Care & Supermarket)
  • Ericsson Nigeria Multipurpose Co-operative Society (Co-operatives)
  • Fastanet Limited (ICT and Security)
  • Britanic Maritime (Maritime Service)
  • CEO Business Limited (Salary Advance, Credit Finance and Loan)
  • OneHealth Pharmacy (Health Care)
  • Widdi Pharmacy (Health Care)
  • Olpharm Pharmacy (Health Care & Distributor)
  • Hawkes Legal(Legal)
  • Kantessa Limited(Fashion Store)
  • OPI Nigeria International Limited (Oil & Gas Servicing)
  • Zenilum Company Limited (Oil & Gas Servicing)
  • Extol Security Services Limited (Security and Guard Services)
  • Lilygate Hotel(Hospitality)
  • Benstel Nigeria Limited(Bottle Water Production & Distribution)
  • Paraclete Nigeria Limited (Bottle Water Production & Distribution)
  • Lakia Construction Limited (Real Estate Development)
  • Josien Holdings Limited(Distribution)
  • Aisha Buhari Foundation (Futured Assured)(NGO)
  • Doheney HR Services(HR)
  • Insights Limited(Health Consultant)
  • Biddel Oil & Gas Limited (Oil & Gas)
  • System Intelligenz Limited(Contractor)
  • MagTech Information Security (IT)
  • Infusion Cakes Nigeria (Bakery)
  • SCERA Nigeria (NGO)
  • M.D School (Private School)
  • Travel Options (Travels)
  • Logos Travel Support & Solutions Ltd (Travels)
  • Melcurt Nigeria Limited (Oil and Gas Engineering and Pipeline Construction)
  • Starlight Nigeria (Retail)
  • Temple Private School (Education)
  • Value Mart Supermarket (Retail)
  • Transweb Bureau De Change (Financial Service)
  • Vektro Food Limited (Manufacturing & Retails)
  • Orient Petroleum PLC (Oil & Gas)
  • Plus More
  • Which industries have you deployed QuickBooks for?
  • Are you a QuickBooks partner in Nigeria
  • Do you offer value-added services.
  • What’s the price list of QuickBooks.

Which Industries Have You Deployed QuickBooks?

Experience helps you avoid trial and error and as such set you up for the right choice. The best dealers aren’t those who sell accounting software but the one that’s able to help you pick the suitable version for your line of business and this can only be possible if you ask them the industry they have implemented the same software you want to deploy.

A small business that helps clients acquire and manage rental property is looking for a vendor that will sell, install and set up QuickBooks so they can manage rental income, service charges, track transactions by property type or locations and generate relevant financial reports. Do you think it’s advisable to hire a consultant with no existing client in a similar industry? No. Such a step gives a 50-50 chance of getting it right or not. But an experienced firm of accountants with accounting software experience and track records of implementing solutions for real estate developers will make the process seamless, besides most of the time, the project deliverables and timelines will be more specific.

The same also applies to a manufacturing company that’s looking for a solution to manage inventories of raw materials, configure bill of materials for their final products and is also able to give a report of production activities, wastages and costing. The best step is to interview and check for relevant industry experience to avoid spending on solutions that is totally wrong.

Another priceless advantage of experience is that you’d receive guidance and professional advice on the best solutions to deploy based on your existing solutions or infrastructure.

A few weeks ago, a company contacted us that they want to buy QuickBooks Enterprise for their NGO so they could upgrade their old files to a new version – they didn’t know that the version of QuickBooks they used was the Canadian version which couldn’t be upgraded to a US version because of regional differences. Such a knowledge gap would have cost them N3.4 million in subscription and additional fee on data migration because you can’t restore a Canadian file in the US software. To cut the story short, our team stepped in, reviewed their data file and discovered that it wasn’t a US version, so we proceeded with a Canadian version of QuickBooks Enterprise 2020.

At least, you now understand the importance of experience when choosing accounting software.

Why BigResources Solutions is Top Among QuickBooks Dealers in Nigeria

Because we are a QuickBooks partner – that’s how you can describe BigResources Solutions.

We LOVE and will always LOVE QuickBooks. We are Intuit-centric, technology-driven and love to simplify your accounting process. We work to educate, help to integrate and eliminate stress in your accounting department. Our team’s accounting knowledge and QuickBooks expertise results in accurate financial information, simple systems and efficient processes.

Benefits of working with us:

  • We’ll help you avoid costly mistakes that result in incorrect financial reports.
  • We’ll make sure you buy the right QuickBooks software for your line of business whether you are in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, real estate, hospitality, travels, legal, insurance brokerage, cooperative society, or whatever industry your business or organisation is categorized.
  • We offer value-added support like cloud server for remote access, networking of users, data recovery, file maintenance, software upgrade, back and security.
  • Over 200+ SMEs in Africa trust us and we are sure you would be more confident to hire an experienced accounting software partner like us.

Are You a QuickBooks Partner or Registered Dealer for SMEs in Nigeria

While experience may not totally be enough to give you what you want, it makes more sense to probe the authenticity of the potential dealer by asking if he has a direct or indirect affiliation with Intuit – the former is for resellers that buy from Intuit authorized dealers in different locations while the latter gives them close dealings with Intuit.

We understand and are aware of the growing influx of cheaper cracked versions of accounting software in the market. For instance, I migrated a client’s QuickBooks from a cracked version of Pro to a genuine copy after their data got corrupted. The interesting thing about the project was that they bought the software for N14,000 from an online store because they couldn’t afford a genuine software that sells for N73,000. After installing the application, it got corrupted after 2 years and this time, they can’t afford to lose 2 years of transactions but ended up paying more.

Buying from a partner won’t only ensure you get a licensed software that comes with product number and validation code but also help to enjoy premium support from Intuit service portal – access to automatic updates to fix major or minor bugs, connect to customer care for inquiries and network with business owners on QuickBooks community.

We always tell our client that the value of software is the support services you enjoy from the dealer or sellers of the application which sometimes, maybe free or paid, depending on the scope of what’s expected.

Do You Offer Value-Added Services

Just like I stated earlier, the value of an accounting software doesn’t come from the one-off purchase but the continued support services that keep you going amidst minor bugs.

Another area you may need support is data upgrade; this arises when you have used the desktop version of QuickBooks for years and you need to upgrade your company’s file to the latest version without losing previous years’ transactions. This area is very critical because I have seen clients lose their money on the wrong versions of QuickBooks software because they couldn’t differentiate a UK file from the US or Canadian version. In other areas, they buy a lower version to restore the backup of a higher file; using Pro 2020 to upgrade Enterprise 2008 and the likes.

These technical scenarios aren’t the job of a typical dealer since they only sell, but you’d do yourself good for picking a technical partner.

As business owners opt for remote access to their financial data even when they are not physically present in their office, you may also need the service of a technical partner who can configure a virtual server for you or migrate your current data to an affordable cloud server.

At the peak of the Covid-19 outbreak when government announced a total lockdown, some of our clients who could no longer go to work but still operate in the essential service industry, called in for cloud server so that they could update transactions without exposing their staff to physical contact. This was a seamless project for us as we had setup a robust cloud server to take care of services like this.

What’s the Price List of your QuickBooks Software

The best way to spot a fake license is that they always come cheap and unavoidably affordable to the extent that you begin to imagine the extra cost it would have saved you if you had bought an expensive licensed software. Depending on whether you are going for the desktop or online, I always advise my prospective clients to compare prices on Amazon store and Intuit website to have a better idea of the price range. This doesn’t mean that you must buy from, but it will help you weed out duplicate copy of QuickBooks accounting software that are not genuine.

Intuit has a partnership program that lets its resellers or dealers enjoy huge discounts on bulk purchases so you will most likely buy from them at cheaper prices compared to the platforms mentioned above. Find our newest accounting software in-store and prices here.

In summary, professional experience in this industry goes beyond, sales, installation and setup, it also covers data review, bulk imports, repair and maintenance, password recovery and bug fixing in case your need swift technical supports.

Whatever your line of business is, we can help you deploy the right QuickBooks software as dealers and technical support partner for all the versions of the accounting solutions.

Reach out to us at 08105090001, 08084219499 or send us a mail at bigresourcessolutions@gmail.com

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Last modified: May 17, 2021