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Month: July 2016

How Property Investors Can Manage Their Portfolio With QuickBooks

Real estate and property management are a very lucrative and capital intensive business. If run effectively, it can reward investors consistently but the reverse might be the case if cash flows are not properly tracked.

In this guide, I will be sharing useful tips on how I implemented QuickBooks for a property investment company in Nigeria and how you can deploy similar techniques in less time.

Tracking All Property Portfolio

I created all the properties owned as an investment property which is a non-current asset and enter their respective value as opening balances.

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Quickbooks Database Server Manager Has Stopped Working – How to Fix It

Today I resolved a very critical issue faced when using QuickBooks software. Though, not really a common problem as the client has been using the software for five(5) years without complaint, if it does happen, you can’t access a company’s data file on the server at the same time another user is logged on.

This type of problem is knowns as Error 202 – when QuickBooks database server manager on local company stopped working; QBDB Manager is no longer running, cannot connect and detect logged on users online.

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