Accounting Software For Accounting Firms or CPAs

In the last 3 years of implementing accounting software for small businesses, I have always been amazed when  I met my clients’ auditors using a manual system to manage their audit practices; though, there is an audit software in town but how do they run the adjustments, and correct errors required to clean up accounting transactions that were entered wrongly? Well, that’s actually the focus of this post: how auditors and accounting firms can take advantage of the features of QuickBooks Premier Accountants Edition to manage their operations, save time and become more productivity.

With QuickBooks software designed for accounting firms (CPA’s), you can save time on complex transaction checks while giving advice on what matters and are useful for your client’s growth.

Basic Features of QuickBooks Accountants Edition:

  • Access your client’s book on the ‘Client Dashboard’
  • Manage clients’ book with Accountant Toolbox
  • Manage employees access with permissions
  • and lots more

Find more functionalities of QuickBooks software for accounting firms and CPAs.

There are two platforms available; the one in the cloud for onsite access or desktop for in-premise. While the former is suitable for accounting firms that work directly at client’s site with multiple users the former is recommended for accountants that collect data and work from home or private office.

For more inquiries on how we can set your accounting firm on QuickBooks and give you seamless access to flexibilities, you need to manage your clients’ financial data, connect with us at

Best Accounting Software for Bakery Business – Retail or Wholesale Software

One big mistake accounting software consultant makes when setting up a system for bakery businesses is to classify them as just a retail business; hence, leaving a whole room for production and accurate inventory management.

This is what I mean; When you buy raw materials like Flour in bags (measured in Kgs), you need to track this item from scratch, including all the materials consumed during productions and resources left for further production. Also, the actual production quantity should be accounted for in the stock report.

In this guide, I will be introducing you to QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise Solutions; the best software and management system for a wholesale or retail bakery business.

While the latter is recommended for bakery businesses with multiple stores or locations, the former is suitable for outfits with single location

Purchases &  Costing; In QuickBooks, you can add all the raw materials used for baking pieces of bread, cakes, and other snacks. This can be entered in Kg, bags or whatever unit you’ve been used so that you can easily track the quantity left after production processes.

Productions Setup; There is a room for you to enter a unit of material (and cost per unit) required to produce certain products; by that, you connect all the production of a final product to the raw materials so that as the unit produce increases, raw materials in store decrease proportionately.

Stock Recording: There are inventory reports and valuation analysis showing all the raw materials available in store, quantity available for sale and expected sales price for a specified period.

Bakery Sales & Expenses; For every sale made, QuickBooks has a receipt and invoice window designed to track all the daily, weekly, monthly or periodic sales of cakes, bread, and other snacks. All the cost of goods produced and sold is also monitored against the income earned; this will help you view your profit or loss position real time.

VAT on Sales: By law, every business is mandated to charge a sales tax on every product sold which vary from country to country. As at when this post was published, the tax rate in Nigeria was 5%, though, it’s still at that same rate but rumors reaching us reveals that the government may likely review VAT rate.QuickBooks has a VAT/Sales Tax feature that tracks all charges on sales and generates a payable reporting showing the balance remittable to tax authority.

QuickBooks has a VAT/Sales Tax feature that tracks all charges on sales and generates a payable reporting showing the balance remittable to tax authority.

Customers & Suppliers Summary: You can also record all your customers and suppliers transaction; products bought and sold, cash received from a customer, cash paid to suppliers with outstanding balance receivable or payable respectively. On a real time, you have glance your customers and receivable report or suppliers nd receivable to see who owes and who you owe.

Store: If you run in multiple locations, QuickBooks Enterprise via Advanced Stock Feature, tracks all inventory transfers from one sales store to another with quantity available at the respective stores.

Reporting: You can view and customize over 20 financial reports for your bakery business in QuickBooks including, profit or loss, statement of financial position (balance sheet), cash flow, sales summary (daily, weekly, monthly, annual or by quarters), expense report, bank registers, stock report, company snapshot, budget vs actual, etc

For more inquiries on how QuuckBooks can be customized further to work for a bakery business, connect with us on

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Inventory Management Software in Nigeria

Are you looking for an inventory management software that will manage your complex inventory activities? Do you run multiple warehouses and need a warehouse management software  for tracking inventory transfers from one store to another which at the same time generates a real-time inventory report?

Here is a review of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions for inventory management in Nigeria

Best Warehouse Management Software Nigeria Kenya Ghana

Designed for medium and growing businesses with large inventory handling activities, QuickBooks Enterprise has a robustly advanced stock module designed to help business set up warehouses and record inventory transactions.

To turn on Advanced Stock Module in QuickBooks,:

Click Help > Select Set Up Advanced Stock.




Multiple Stock Sites

You can track sites (warehouses), bin locations (rows, shelves, or bins), or both. You should complete the following steps to set up your company file to use Multiple Stock Sites. Note: If you don’t have multiple sites (warehouses) but want to track bin locations, you still need to set up 1 site.

  1. Create stock sites.The first step to track multiple stock locations is to tell QuickBooks where you track stock. Locations can be either site (warehouses) or bin locations (rows, shelves, or bins). Sites and bin locations are both tracked on the Stock Site List. Sites are parents of bin locations. In other words, sites (warehouses) contain bin locations (rows, shelves, or bins).To do this task
    1. Choose Lists > Stock Site List.
    2. Click the Stock Site drop-down arrow and select New.
    3. In the Name field, enter the name of the location.
    4. If this is a bin location (row, shelf, or bin), select the is a Location within site checkbox. Then click the drop-down arrow and select a site (warehouse).
    5. Enter the appropriate information.
    6. Click Next to add another location, or click OK if you’re finished.
  2. Convert from the previous method of tracking stock sites.You may currently use a different method (with QuickBooks or different software) to track multiple stock sites. Before you use multiple stock sites, you need to ensure that your stock numbers are correct so you can easily transition to using Multiple Stock Locations. How do you switch from your method? Call 0808-421-9399, 0810-509-0001 for Inventory Set-Up Support
  3. (Optional) Set reorder points for each site (warehouse).With Multiple Stock Locations, you can track site-specific reorder points for each item (you can’t set reorder points for bin locations). This means you can have a different reorder point for each site, and QuickBooks can warn you when you’re running low at a specific site.To do this task
    1. Choose Lists > Stock Site List.
    2. Click the Activities drop-down arrow and select Set Reorder Points.
    3. Click the Set reorder point for site drop-down arrow and select the site you want to set a reorder point for.
    4. In the Site Reorder Point column, enter the reorder point for each item.
    5. Click OK.
  4. Transfer opening quantities of items to each location.When you turned on Multiple Stock Locations, QuickBooks prompted you, to begin with a single, temporary starting site (and if you track bin locations, an unassigned bin). Consequently, QuickBooks shows that your entire stock is stored at 1 location (and 1 unassigned bin).Now you may be ready to transfer your stock from the starting site or bin to their actual locations. To do this, you need current stock counts for each location.To enter a new transfer for each location:
    1. Choose Stock > Transfer Stock.
    2. In the Date field, enter the date of the transfer. This can be the date you begin tracking multiple locations.
    3. In the Reference No. field, enter the appropriate transfer number. We recommend “setup1,” “setup2,” and so on for these transfers.
    4. Click the Transfer from the drop-down arrow and select your temporary stock site (warehouse).
    5. Click the to drop-down arrow and select the actual stock site (warehouse).Note: If you’re transferring between bin locations, you still need to enter sites in the Transfer from and to fields. You specify the bin locations in the field below.
    6. Select the stock items to transfer to the site:
      • To select individual items:
        1. Click in the Item column.
        2. Click the drop-down arrow and select a stock item.
      • To select multiple items:
        1. Click Find & Select Items.
        2. Click the left column to select the stock items.
        3. Click Add Selected Items.
    7. If you track bin locations, be sure that the first Location column is set to Unassigned.
    8. In the Qty to Transfer column, enter the number to transfer to each item.
    9. If you track bin locations, click the drop-down arrow in the second Location column and select the bin you’re transferring to.
    10. (Optional) In the Memo field, enter the reason for this transfer such as “Transfer opening quantity to the site.”
    11. (Optional) Click Print to print a copy of the transfer for your records.
    12. Click Save & New.
    13. Repeat these steps for each stock location.
    14. When finished, click Save & Close.

For more information on how to setup your inventory or multiple warehouses in QuickBooks, send a mail to

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Best Business Software For Interior Designers; How QuickBooks Works

If you have been looking for a business software that doesn’t not only help you manage your interior design business properly but also makes the interior accounting records easy to interpret, here is a brief review of how QuickBooks has helped top interior design companies scale to the next level;

  • Tracking Fees:  Because interior decoration takes time, and whole lots of creativity, some companies charge per hour spent a specific job; QuickBooks has a time tracking feature called Time Sheet; used to record hours spent by employees on site and billable fee per hour. Billable, in this case, means, you can charge your client a specific agreeable fee per time spent. In addition to other fees stated on the invoice, the client will also receive a quote on what the man hour is worth.

For professionals that have fixed charge, you don’t have to utilise the Time Sheet feature, just create ‘Interior Design Service’ as an item and add the fee to it.

  • Design Project: Sometimes, you have a big project to handle or several interior designs and wish you could easily monitor the reports of each job separately and see how profitable they are independent, QuickBooks has a ‘Customers’ Job’ which is a built-in feature that traces all the income earned, cash received and expenses incurred on a particular project; that’s like project specific report which is different from the overall company report.

For instance, you have an interior design for annual events and a prestigious wedding here in Toronto. On QuickBooks, you can generate the financial report (showing all the income and expenses) for annual events and wedding separately.

  • Inventory Tracking: For all materials bought and used up during decoration, QuickBooks has a flexible inventory feature built to track all procurements, actual items utilized and cost of sales with balances of unused inventory at the end of the job.
  • Customers: While the project tracks all transactions tied to a particular project, you can also view customers’  statements; summary of all payment received,  and outstanding balances.
  • Banks and Report; Every business is expected to have a bank account where money received are lodged; in QuickBooks, you can setup different bank accounts to monitor your banking transactions; deposit and cheque payments for specified period. There is a feature that handles reconciliations and at the end report your overall business performance; profit or loss, statement of cash position and cashflow.

While these are some of the key features of QuickBooks designed for an Interior designer, you can connect with us for more customizations;

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Fix Error 1935 During QuickBooks Installation;

This guide focuses on how to fix Error 1935 on your computer.

Installing QuickBooks on a computer system is a process that should take at most 15 minutes. But, in a situation where you encounter a challenge like Error 1935; which is a problem caused by the absence of .NET Framework on your operating system, how would you resolve it? Here is what I did when setting QuickBooks Pro 2016 for a Chinese phone maker here:

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How Property Investors Can Manage Their Portfolio With QuickBooks

Real estate and property management are a very lucrative and capital intensive business. If run effectively, it can reward investors consistently but the reverse might be the case if cash flows are not properly tracked.

In this guide, I will be sharing useful tips on how I implemented QuickBooks for a property investment company in Nigeria and how you can deploy similar techniques in less time.

Tracking All Property Portfolio

I created all the properties owned as an investment property which is a non-current asset and enter their respective value as opening balances.

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Choosing the Right Vendor for your Accounting Software

One of the major concerns of every business owner and emerging entrepreneurs is how to keep track of the money customers pay you and how much you pay to your service providers or product suppliers, depending on your line of business. This is the core reason an accounting software is no longer an option but a MUST HAVE.

Good accounting software isn’t a program that will complicate your processes but rather you help you make daily tasks easier and better – from recording payments, monitoring expenses, invoicing and bank statement reconciliation – which ultimately gives you the perfect idea of where your business might be headed.

The big challenge is, how can one spot the right accounting software vendor or consultant in the midst of a varying line of businesses, multiple pricing plans and the number of users?

At BigResources Solutions, we help small and growing business find the right accounting software using our 4 core principles:

  1. Your line of business: What do you sell, how do you earn your income and what are your major business expenses?
  2. Financial report: Do you need accounting receivable and payable report? Do you need an inventory report? What other financial report do you want for decision making?
  3. Usability: How many users do you want to give access to the software? Do you prefer cloud-based access or in-premises?
  4. Costs. Would you prefer the one-off or subscription?

To help make your final decisions, here’s a list of questions you can ask an accounting software vendor in Nigeria when you want to select the right accounting software for your business:

  • Is your software a good fit for my industry?
  • Do you offer customized solutions to fit my business’s needs?
  • How many suppliers and customers can your software accommodate?
  • How can your software help me comply with VAT/ Withholding tax regulations?
  • How is my data backed up? Can access be restored immediately after an outage?
  • What security measures do you have in place to keep both my business’s and my customers’ data secure?
  • What is the total cost? Are there any setup or cloud storage fees?
  • What types of tech support and customer service do you provide? (For instance, do you provide/offer a preferred form of contacts, such as phone or live chat?)

Feel free to contact our support centre at 08105090001, 08084219399 for your accounting software.

Best Accounting Software from Registered Vendor and Partner in Nigeria

Recommended – See what QuickBooks will do for your business and which version is right for you.

Quickbooks Database Server Manager Has Stopped Working – How to Fix It

Today I resolved a very critical issue faced when using QuickBooks software. Though, not really a common problem as the client has been using the software for five(5) years without complaint, if it does happen, you can’t access a company’s data file on the server at the same time another user is logged on.

This type of problem is knowns as Error 202 – when QuickBooks database server manager on local company stopped working; QBDB Manager is no longer running, cannot connect and detect logged on users online.

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Quickbooks POS For Multiple Stores & Locations

Do you run a retail business with multiple stores and are looking for an easy and flexible point of sale software to integrate each of these outlets transactions into a centralised or unified portal? Your search is now over as I will be reviewing one of the leading POS software for SMEs.

QuickBooks POS

Designed by Intuits, QuickBooks financial software provider, QuickBooks POS is a retail sales management software that lets you capture daily sales, receive and manage inventories.

Check Out: Overview of POS Software For Retail Businesses

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Best Accounting Software For Small Businesses

Whether you are just planning to start a business, already running a new business or own a thriving business, you will agree with me that accurate bookkeeping is the most difficult side of a business especially when you have bunch of invoices to enter, expenses to track, inventory to manage, tax to calculate on every sale made, assets to take account of and sync your data across account heads to determine your profit or loss trends. No wonder business owners have resort to automation as an alternative to manual recording.

By automating and integrating your various accounting system, you have a better time to take timely decisions that will move your business to the next growth stage.

For business in Ghana – Click here for more info about QuickBooks and Price in Ghana Cedis

Do you need an accounting software for your business? Call +2348105090001, +2348084219399

Benefits of Accounting Software:

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QuickBooks Accounting Software Training Course

QuickBooks Certification Prep Training & Exam

The QuickBooks Certification prep training for graduates & executives has been designed and will be taught by QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified ProAdvisors.  The course will help prepare you for the QuickBooks Online Certification exam, but participation in this course does not guarantee the attendee will pass the exam.

The training will conclude at approximately 3:00pm, allowing 2 hours for the exam.  

Our Recommended Store for Genuine Accounting Software:

QuickBooks: View Price Offers & Order Online


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Quickbooks Online Support Number In Nigeria

Are you using QuickBooks online or desktop version to manage your financial record and need a direct contact on where you can get technical support in Nigeria, Kenya or Ghana? Here is a review of client support services you can enjoy without spending much on international calls to QuickBooks US Canada or UK depending on where you bought your company’s accounting software.

Why You Should Subscribe to Our QuickBooks Technical Support Service:

It’s not just enough to install QuickBooks, upload company file and start entering transactions, you have to continually seek QuickBooks support for your business, secure your data file to avoid loss of relevant information by employing the service of a competent data file maintenance, software upgrade, and security professional.

We now offer a trusted QuickBooks data file support solution service, a unique accounting software support solution, for medium and large company.

Having successfully implemented robust data migration and complex data recovery for large financial data-driven companies in Nigeria, you are sure to get a trusted support service that will secure your business continuity.

Some of our QuickBooks support clients in Nigeria are: Germaine Autos, Nordical Fertility Centre, Nigeria Economic Summit Group, BTS Systems Ltd, CCharles Services, The Haven Homes, DCM, Adeniyi Coker Consultant Limited (ACCL), DATMedia Limited, SparkView Hospital, Temple Private School, among other Small to medium outfits across various sectors

Our QuickBooks support services covers:

  • Data Loss Prevention And Recovery
  • QuickBooks Networking in a multiuser environment.
  • Chart of Account Clean up and Maintenance
  • Periodic Review of Backups and Transaction Entries
  • QuickBooks Software Upgrade

For more information, contact our QuickBooks support center here in Nigeria, send an inquiry to 

QuickBooks Multi Users Installation, SetUp & Configuration

The need for QuickBooks multi-users configuration arises when you want to connect different users to a particular data file in which each person works independently but on the same financials hosted on a central network.

The major advantage of this – is that it allows for flexibility and swift data entry for an organisation with growing volume of transactions and quick updates for your financials.

This roundup focuses on how to set-up Quickbooks on a multi-user environment.

QuickBooks Installation:

When installing QuickBooks, you need to have different licenses equivalent to the number of users intended and make sure you select ‘I will only be storing QuickBooks on the computer‘ when setting up QuickBooks on the server.

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Work in any company by learning QuickBooks for every industry

As small, medium and large businesses migrate to an automated system of accounting and bookkeeping so that they can save time, increase efficiencies in data entry and achieve timely financial reporting for swift decision making, it’s no longer an option for graduates in the field of business and finance to up their technology skills in the workplace.

Late last year, one of our ICAN-qualified graduate trainee, who had passed the first stage of an interview in a top company at Lekki, shared how she lost the six-figure employment because of zero knowledge of how QuickBooks software works in oil servicing firms.

This sad story depicts the frustrations a lot of graduates face in the job market as accounting systems and workflows are being disrupted by financial software.

This means that anyone that doesn’t want to stay long in the job market or wants to upgrade from low-paying clerical jobs in their current employment to a high-paying finance position, MUST demonstrate financial technology skills that are relevant in this 21st century.

If you are yet to upgrade your IT skill, there is hope for you!

You can quickly tap from our industry experiences by enrolling in our simple, relatable and case-study QuickBooks certification course designed to help you take on different accounting tasks in any industry.

Whether you want to work or are already working in financial service, real estate, shipping/logistics, oil & gas, legal, medical/hospital, manufacturing/retail, medical, consulting, NGOs, hospitality, and travel industries, we have crafted industry-specific guideline that will support you from start to finish in 3-4 days.

Let’s say:

  • You want to work in a real estate company, we will show you to use QuickBooks for project costing during constructions, tenants and property management OR
  • You want to work in a manufacturing company, we will show you how to track raw materials, configure bill of materials and run productions activities OR
  • You run a credit finance company or co-operative society, we will show you to track members’ contributions, credit or loan advances, interest receivables and generate financial reports of your credit income and cash flow OR
  • You run a retail business, we will show you how to track inventories receipt, sales, customers’ receivables, payables, OR
  • You are an NGO, you will learn how to record donations, grants, project expenses, monitor banking transactions, generate income and expenditure account, and statement of the asset of liabilities.

These are some of the core advantages of enrolling in a QuickBooks certification with us; whatever industry you want to pursue your accounting career in, there is a specialized course for you.

In addition to the skill upgrade, we will recommend you to clients whenever there is a request for an accounting officer, then support your growth in the industry.

Are businesses using QuickBooks software in Nigeria? Capital YES. Besides, the simplicity, adaptability and affordability of this application make it a preferred option among small and growing business.

Even when you search “best accounting software” on Google Nigeria, you will see that QuickBooks is currently ranked at number one.

If you doubt this ranking, find below, some of the top companies in Nigeria we have implemented QuickBooks:

  • Landmark Centre (Event Centre)
  • Olpharm Pharmacy (Health)
  • CEO Business Limited (Credit Finance)
  • MD Internation School (School)
  • Biddel Oil & Gas Limited (Oil & Gas)
  • System Intelligenz Limited (Contractor)
  • Sproxil Nigeria Limited (Mobile Technology)
  • DVenue (Event Management)
  • Ericcson Multipurpose Cooperative Society (Cooperative)
  • Randavie Fashion Limited (Retail)
  • Infusion Cakes Nigeria (Bakery)
  • American Air Sea Cargo Limited (Shipping & Logistics)
  • Travel Gallery Ltd (Travel)
  • Northern Bridge Energy Limited (Oil & Gas)
  • Future Initiatives (NGO)
  • MagTech Information Security (IT)
  • Mountain Ice Travel & Tour (Travels)
  • Logos Travel Support & Solutions Ltd (Travels)
  • Germaine Auto Centre (Autos)
  • BD Consult (PR)
  • Temple Private School (Education)
  • Josien Holdings Limited (Distribution)
  • ValueMart Supermarket (Retail)
  • Perliton Higgs Ltd (Solar & Power)
  • Zenilum Limited (Oil & Gas Servicing)
  • Mbaire Services Nigeria Ltd (Contractors)
  • Vektro Food Limited (Manufacturing & Retails)
  • Orient Petroleum PLC (Oil & Gas)
  • OPI International Limited (Oil & Gas)
  • Plus More    

These are some of our top clients that use QuickBooks accounting software to perfect their accounting system.

So, why not let our experienced QuickBooks consultant help you gain the practical QuickBooks skills you need to work in financial service, real estate, logistics, oil & gas, legal, manufacturing/retail, medical, consulting, hospitality, NGO and travel firm?

We train on both QuickBooks Desktop and Online version.

quickbooks training in nigeria

Our In-House practical QuickBooks training gives you an opportunity to be mentored by industry experts.

QuickBooks Academy Course Outline:

  • How to create a new company
  • Setting up your business parties:
    • Suppliers & payables
    • Customers & Receivables
    • Banks and balances
    • VAT, Withholding Tax & other Tax payables.
    • Owners’ equity.
  • Setting up charts of accounts & owners equity
  • Inventory management
  • Sales
    • Create quote & manage invoices
    • Receiving Payment & record cash deposit
    • Sales Receipt
    • Record Sales Discounts
    • Record Cash/Product Refunds.
  • Purchases
    • Record purchase orders
    • Receive stocks with a bill.
    • Receive stocks without a bill.
    • Bill payment
  • Tracking your business expenses
    • Recording outstanding bills
    • Recording one-time expenses
  • Banking
    • Transfer Funds to other banks
    • Cheque payments
    • Reconciliation.
  • File VAT return
  • Company’s snapshot and other reports customization.
    • Customers & Receivable Balances
    • Suppliers & Payable Balances
    • Sales Report
    • Purchases Report
    • Profit or Loss Report
    • Balance Sheet
    • Cash Flow Statement, etc
    • Customizing Reports.
  • Training Requirements
    • Laptop PC with Windows 10 Os and a minimum of 2GB RAM.
  • Venue
    • Revealed to Registered Students.
  • Course Materials
    • QuickBooks Video Course
  • For Inquiries – Call 08105090001, 08084219399 or mail or

Our training gives you the chance to get hands-on with the latest QuickBooks software. That means we won’t just demonstrate features of QuickBooks – we’ll let you try them for yourself.

Meet the Facilitator:

accounting software in NigeriaNdukwe Ogechi is a managing partner at BIGResources Solutions, an experienced QuickBooks  Certified Advisor and business support consultant specialised in helping businesses eliminate frustrations in their accounting system. He has deployed accounting software and taught business owners, accountants, & CFOs in various industries (retail, manufacturing. oil and gas, real estate, legal, cooperatives, financial services, NGOs, ICT and security, and health sectors) the simple way to implement QuickBooks and get their financial report right.

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Accounting Software & ERP Dealers

For you to have visited section of our accounting software blog, it simply means you are looking for accounting software sellers in your area

From Sage Peachtree, Tally, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and SAP, there are lots of dealers claiming to be the best go-to-merchants for this financial software but these tips will help you screen all the vendors and know who a genuine dealer is or not.


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Using QuickBooks Software for Private School Management.

As a private school proprietor, we understand your pressing needs – one of which is a system that will help manage your school records and easily organize your books of the account while taking into account cash inflow and outstanding bills on tuition or related fees.

An effective book of account will not only help you track the financial position of the school you manage but also monitor profit or loss of each session so you can forecast expected income from next sessions while managing your administrative expenses.

We had just concluded the installation and networking of QuickBooks accounting software for a private school with over 1,000 students, and if you are interested in the scope of the project, here are few customizations you might find interesting for your school.

Charts of Account

This is the backbone of every accounting software as it helps you organize your account heads into income, expense, assets or liabilities. As a school, the chart of account configuration lets you track your relevant income heads (school fees, uniform, textbooks, or any other extra-curricula activities), direct expenses ( repair and maintenance of school classrooms, purchase of school equipment, payment of teachers salaries, payment on the supply of school uniforms, etc), assets (school and administrative building, school buses, computers, furniture, etc) and liabilities (any outstanding payables to your vendors or service providers).

Students and Class List

This is the first stage of our setup, where the client is expected to provide a comprehensive list of all the students in the school categorized or sorted by classes in excel format so that each of these students is rightly added to their respective class as well as their previous or pending bills from previous sessions.

The essence of this is to generate accounting receivable reports that not only let you see how much is owed but also plan your expected cash flow in the new session.

Vendors List

These are your service providers or inventory suppliers. As a proprietor, you shouldn’t just plan your cash inflow by looking at the outstanding bills on schools fees but also pay close attention to your cash outflow by tracking all pending payments to your service providers. These could be related to the supply of school uniforms,  repair and maintenance of school facilities or instalment payment on the acquisition of new buses.

By looking at these numbers, you’ ‘d be able to see the potential red flags on your accounts – for instance, if your expected cash inflow is way more than your cash outflow, it’s a sign of impending trouble or working capital challenges.

Bank Balances

Every cash inflow and outflow has the bank at the centre – so you must not neglect your banking transactions. Having all your bank balances in QuickBooks accounting software lets you track all payments to vendors so you can ascertain the actual balances owed to your vendors while also taking into account inflows from pending bills on your students from the previous or current session.

QuickBooks also gives room for reconciliation, a core feature that helps you bring your bank statement balances at par with your cash book figures.

Batch Invoicing

We understand the complexities and rigorous work involved when you try to create a manual invoice for each of your students, especially when you have over 500, 1000 students to apply recent school fee bills on. This is where batch invoice comes in, you are able to apply a single invoice (categorized by class) to all the students of a school in less than 10 minutes which automatically increases their outstanding bills for the new session.

For students that had pending balances carried forward from previous session, the amount owed is increased by the value of the new invoice/bill created in the new session. You, as the proprietor, are able to see in real and less time, how much is expected in the current session.

For schools with multiple income heads like school fees, uniforms, after-school classes, textbooks, or any other related items, you can as well add them to a single invoice and apply to all the students in the class.

And as these students make payment into the school bank account, you can receive the cash against their outstanding balances on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


This is one of the most important parts of accounting software as it helps you track your payments to relevant service providers as well as ensure that no activity is disrupted during school session.

The expense session lets you see:

  • how much you have paid as salaries to your teachers
  • how much you paid to your security staff for the safety of school facilities.
  • what you have incurred on repair and maintenance of school buses.
  • what you spent on the acquisition of new computers or furniture.
  • how much you spend on the inventory of new textbooks or learning materials.
  • and every other direct or indirect cost.


As a school, I am sure you’d also like to keep records of school uniforms for each of the classes, textbooks, and related learning materials? The inventory session of QuickBooks is designed to help you see the number of materials you have in store as well as their respective cost so you can generate an inventory report. With a report like inventory valuation summary, you can see the value of what you have in store on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Financial Reports

This is the real deal! Every transaction posted in the software updates your financial reports, depending on what’s inputted.  QuickBooks provides you with over 100+ financial reports (including revenue, expenses, receivables, payables, profit or loss and financial positions) that will help you make a swift decision. While some are represented in vertical format, you also have a chart or reports in graphical format for trend analysis – this helps to compare previous period performance to the current figure for variance analysis.

While these tips will help you choose the best accounting software for your school finance management, you can connect with our support centre to discuss specific needs that are tailored to your private school.

We can deploy your QuickBooks in premise or cloud, depending on which is affordable or effective for you.

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QuickBooks Premier Review For SMEs

QuickBooks Premier is designed to make accounting simple for small business and help you save time on the accounting tasks you do most. Easy to learn and use with no accounting knowledge necessary – QuickBooks Accounting Software is guaranteed easy or your money back.

 QuickBooks Premier has all the features of QuickBooks Pro plus more advanced features for stock control, budgeting, and forecasting plus discounting.

Not sure which QuickBooks product is right for you?  Please refer to our support center ( for a guide on how to help choose the right product to meet your business needs.

Accounting Software Construction Industry Nigeria Kenya Ghana

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Accounting Software Training: QuickBooks Sage Pastel SAP ERP

Are you looking for the best accounting software instructor that will help you understand and show you how real business transactions are entered into accounting software – QuickBooks, Sage or SAP ERP? This guide might be what you need to read before settling for one and get maximum value for your money.

Nowadays everybody claims to be accounting software expert because they are developers, IT support analysts or even auditors. This is a clear divergence on how to spot a good trainer.

Find below my personal tips on how to pick a trainer who will help you learn quickly and get you started in the real business world.

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Where to Buy Accounting Software

This short piece was written to address business owners looking for the best accounting software dealers and are turning to road sellers.

Firstly, I wish to commend you for acknowledging the importance of migrating from a manual accounting to automated accounting system. Accounting software will surely save you time and help you experience tremendous growth arising from timely decisions taken with fact and figures.

However, the path most SME owners follow to actualize this automated system is more dangerous and expensive than the many advantages they stand to gain.

Find below the 4 dangers you are exposing your business to when you buy from wrong dealers:

where to buy accounting software in nigeria kenya ghana

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QuickBooks Accounting Software For SME

QuickBooks is an accounting software that boasts of  a number of user-friendly enhancements but as always, retains the simple, easy to use functionality that is synonymous with the QuickBooks brand.

It offers newer, faster and more feature-rich software across the full range accounting software packages, from QuickBooks Pro to QuickBooks Premier, Enterprise Solutions and QuickBooks Accountant, meaning that there is a package to suit all small to medium and growing businesses.

The software, as always, focused on customers, is hugely efficient and offers even better reporting in either PDF or Excel formats. As always, QuickBooks has taken historical customer experience into account when developing the software and ensured that all focus group feedback has been addressed.

QuickBooks Accounting Software For SME nigeria kenya ghana    

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Want a Point of Sale System? We Sell QuickBooks POS & Equipments

POS System, Equipment and Software Price In Nigeria – Point of Sale Software – Buy QuickBooks POS For Small Business Accounting – Cash Register,  Barcode Scanner, & Thermal Receipt Printer

POS Software System provides your business with the right tool for monitoring inventory, tracking sales and printing sales receipt in one place.

If you have been working on pen and paper, I think it’s time to upgrade your accounting system so that you can save time and money. With add-ons such as POS Software, Barcode Scanner, Cash Drawer, Credit Card Reader, and Receipt Printer you can save staff cost and get the system to process your business transaction in less time even when you have physical lengthy inventory.

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QuickBooks Enterprise Solution – Advanced Inventory Software

QuickBooks Enterprise Solution Reviews – Buy Best Advanced Inventory Software For 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Downloads For Business In Nigeria Ghana Kenya

Product Features

  • Create and send branded invoices
  • Track sales, expenses and profit
  • Easy VAT returns – HMRC approved
  • Company Snapshot and Calendar View
  • Track sales lead
  • Handle multiple currencies
  • Create budgets and build financial forecasts

Exclusive to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

  • Track up to a million items and records
  • Multiple pricing levels
  • Report across multiple businesses
  • Advanced User Control –with customizable permissions up to 30 users
  • Advanced Reporting Tools
  • Advanced Stock (Track stock across multiple locations, track serial numbers or lot numbers, Barcode scanning)

Best Warehouse Management Software Nigeria Kenya Ghana

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