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How To Setup Multiple Locations, Do Inventory Transfer In QuickBooks Without Advanced Inventory

As at when this post was published was had just concluded a training and chart of account clean up for a client in the telecommunication…

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How QuickBooks Software Tracks Cashflow In Restaurant Businesses

Accounting Software For Restaurant & Fast Food Business – See Why QuickBooks Is The Best Software For Managing Small, Bar, Big Restaurant & Fast Food Business

I recently had a conversation with a client who was expanding his business and wanted to know if QuickBooks can still accommodate his new restaurant business without a hitch. As we began the chat on phone in the early hours of today, he pointed out key areas of the business he wouldn’t want to be left out and here are the key requests in his word:

  • I want to send invoice from QuickBooks to my corporate customers
  • I’d like to track all inventory purchases; food items – down to the unit of measures For instance, if I buy a bag of rice, I don’t want to write it off as a one-off expense but monitor the usage in Kgs and know what my inventory balances are on a real time. 
  • I also want to see how much I have spent on the business and compare that with the prior month, year’s expenses.
  • I want to incorporate my bank transactions too so that the system can help me reconcile differences.
  • I have over 50 + customers whom I supply food in packs every day – I really want to know how much I made in sales, who paid me and customers’ owning me money so I can follow up; sometimes, I forget that a particular customer is yet to pay which is bad for my business. 
  • I don’t even know what my actual profit or loss level is right now as all daily transactions are entered on a paper and I think my food business has outgrown that level.

Then, he went to conclude by asking, can QuickBooks do all these?

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Accounting Software For Cooperative Societies; What To Look For

This review of QuickBooks accounting management software customised for cooperative societies will help you understand how to manage the operation, automate transactions, accounting, and report generation.

I have been deploying accounting software for growing businesses in Nigeria, both in premise and remotely, which has exposed me to the diverse cash flow challenges confronting these SMEs and how to rightly provide the best solution using a combination of accounting skill and financial software customization. One striking thing in this industry is that every client has a unique problem. Today, I will be sharing tips on cooperative societies can run their finance effectively using QuickBooks.

In deploying QuickBooks for cooperative societies, I have discovered that there are core things finance managers of every cooperative society need to get right in order to accurately track cash flows, generate a reliable financial report and take a timely decision.

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How Serviced Apartment Owners Can Use QuickBooks To Manage Cashflow

Are you looking for a Serviced apartment management & reservation software? here are useful tips on how to find the right solution and why QuickBooks accounting software is the best.

A serviced apartment business is one that is fully furnished and available for short or long term stay – it’s slightly different from a hotel; in addition to the similar services offered by hotels and guest houses; amenities like TV, bathroom, bedroom, you have a kitchen to cook your meal if you like. It’s actually a great choice for business travellers who are staying for a longer time and are looking for a home away from home.

For startups running a serviced apartment business and are interested in automating their business and accounting system while focusing on growth and sustainability of their business, this guide will help you understand how implementing an accounting software will drive efficiency and improve productivity. You may also refer to my previous article on accounting software for hotels in Nigeria; it contains similar deliverables just that I will be expanding the idea by discussing steps to track the performance of serviced apartment.

In setting up an accounting software for your serviced apartment, you need to ask certain questions before deciding on the best financial application to deploy:

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The Simple Way To Implement Accounting Software For Bureau De Change

How I setup QuickBooks for Bureau De Change – Learn the simple way to deploy financial software solution for currency exchangers on the cloud or desktop

What makes a great financial software consultant is not the excellent knowledge of accounting and finance but exceptional skills in understanding clients’ IT needs and customising an existing low-cost off the shelf software to deliver the right solution while making them happier. This is the reason BigResources Solutions is the leading accounting software partner in Nigeria – we have deployed QuickBooks more compared to other accounting software. 

QuickBooks is not only simple to use but the flexibility in building a custom chart of accounts, tweaking certain account types, redesigning windows and seeing the result of your customization instantly makes it one of the best accounting software used in Nigeria.  One sector where I have demonstrated a high level of competence in QuickBooks customization is in financial service; currency exchange business popular known as a bureau de change. 

Although I have initially posted a general article on accounting software for bureau de change, this review is more detailed as I will be using what implementing QuickBooks for a local bureau de change in Lagos was like, to help you get yours right.

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How I Implemented QuickBooks Desktop On The Cloud (WakaNow Travels) Travels is one of the fastest growing travel agency in Nigeria. As at when I updated this post, the company had just announced their official presence in Kenya and the UK, a move it embarked on to provide exceptional local travel packages to her growing customers in these countries. 

Wakanow started 8 years and has since grown to become a successful travel and tour startup in Africa. The company’s travel and booking platform are connected to Amadeus – the world’s biggest internal and local reservation system. 

Wakanow offers GDS and non-GDS booking services; you can book travel via the company’s website directly from Amadeus and pay using a debit or credit card or walk into Wakanow travel centres to make a booking and pay cash.

Before the news about Kenya and the UK office opening, the company’s management approached my former company for QuickBooks with a detailed request on what their expectations were.

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How We Deployed QuickBooks In An Oil & Gas Company

Learn more from our implementation experience in the oil and gas sector; a simple guide to deploying accounting software for petroleum companies.

This article is an expanded review of a previous post on accounting software for a petrol station. I decided to top it after deploying an accounting software for an oil and gas company in Anambra, Nigeria. The project was quite interesting and straightforward. You may be tempted to think that such oil and gas implementation job requires a bespoke or customised software designed specifically for the industry but that’s not the case. We have been using QuickBooks to help our clients organise their books and improve their accounting system for over 4 years, so, it’s quite flexible for us to find a way around to make oil & gas set easy.

Customising QuickBooks for an industry like this is not new, we have successfully implemented this software in a more complex environment like micro-credit and financing, manufacturing and real estate.

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Implementing Accounting Software For Your Fitness Centre

This article contains tips on how to implement an accounting software for fitness centres or gym equipment management business.

Fitness is an evergreen business niche that attracts low, middle or high-income customers every day; a growth that is not unconnected to the need to live healthier, longer by burning fats and eating the right diet.

I have a client in this niche whose sales trend is upwardly growing by 40-50% annually, with no sign of slowing down, people walk in to buy a treadmill, sit-up, the bench, dumbbells, stationary bike, and so on. While some of these customers make cash purchases for personal or family use, others request in bulk for their new or emerging fitness business centre. As more money flows into the fitness industry, there is an urgent need for accountants, CFOs and business owners managing gym centres to accurately account for every penny that comes in and flow so that they can easily measure growth in real time; income, expenses, profit or loss, top customers, etc.

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Accounting Software For Courier Company

Courier companies are serviced based businesses that help clients or customers deliver parcels, documents or goods to different locations. A good example of a courier company in Nigeria is FEDEX, one of the world’s leading logistics companies serving million of individuals and corporate customers.

In this guide, I will be sharing tips on how accounting software can simply automate your business processes and make daily tasks effective:

  • You have a customer dashboard designed to manage your client’s information and show their transaction history. If you maintain an individual account that tracks all transactions – payments and invoices – specific to each client, an accounting software will accurately reveal the current status of your customers – receivables, recent payments, the latest invoice issued and cumulative transaction value.

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Accounting Treatment Of Trading Stock or Private Equity Fund

Accounting Treatment Of Trading stock or Private Equity Fund In QuickBooks – Journal Entries For Share Purchased, Dividend, Disposal or Sales Of Shares, & Revaluation of Shares

Trading stock or investing in shares is an activity that involves buying a share of a company’s capital with the purpose of being a part owner of the business. The reward for share purchases or private equity investment could be price appreciation and/or dividend distribution.

While the former (share price appreciation ) happens when the company’s quoted price in the stock market increases as a result of demand outweighing supply, the latter is the proportion of the profit earned for the period which is payable on a quarterly or annual basis.

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