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Bookkeeping for Shipping and Logistics Company

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Ajibade Olubode asked 6 years ago

We are a shipping and logistics company here in Nigeria, we use a bespoke web platform that helps us track customers payment on shipping services. Here is our challenge, the web platform seems to be reporting transactions twice and we are not able to know our actual financial position. Management is looking into the possibility of deploying QuickBooks so that users in US can also log in to check transactions status, do you think desktop is ok, or we should go for online version? 

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BigResources Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Ajibade,
We had just implemented QuickBooks for a shipping and logistics company with offices in USA and Nigeria, there challanges were totally similar to yours. The best version to use is QuickBooks online, the subscription version that gives you access to your company anywhere, anytime.
Online has a feature that lets you import your banking transactions in bulk (excel format) into QuickBooks, map to their relevant income heads for quick reporting. QuickBooks doesn’t report transactions twice which is another reason you should migrate from your current platform, you can connect with us at 08105090001 for more details and help on migration.

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