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How does QuickBooks work for a private equity firm?

QuickBooks SupportCategory: Sales, Installations & Software UpgradeHow does QuickBooks work for a private equity firm?
Private Equity asked 6 years ago

We are a new private equity firm that sits on the board of various companies, we had already invested close to N100m in education, health and food businesses in Kenya and need an accounting software that will track our portfolio value and dividend income. What are the relevant setups you can implement for us?
We are most concerned about cloud accounting software so that our key investors can view our financials from the US and UK.

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BigResources Staff answered 6 years ago

Thank you for trusting us to provide relevant guidance and suggestions on how QuickBooks accounting software can help you run your private equity firm better.
You can set up an “investment account” under “asset” with various sub-accounts to track the amount invested in different startups. This will be reported under the non-current asset section of your statement of financial position in QuickBooks while dividend or interest income received on these portfolios are monitored under the “income section” of your book as “investment income”.
I really don’t know how you value your assets, but whichever method you use, QuickBooks is very flexible to let your value your investment to reflect market realities. Other features that let you track your expenses but as “cost of investment” and admin expenses come as a default in QuickBooks.
On the reporting side, you can generate a custom report to track all investment portfolio.
Feel free to connect with us at info@accountingsoftware.com.ng if you have questions, we would love to know some business-specific issues you may want to address.

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Last modified: June 3, 2018