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Import banking transactions into QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks SupportCategory: TransactionsImport banking transactions into QuickBooks Pro
Azeez asked 6 years ago

We have accounts with all the local banks, how do we simplify the process of importing bulk transactions into QuickBooks and eliminate the stress of reconciling each of the banks one after the other. At times, we don’t track bank charges which is a major challenge for us.

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BigResources Staff answered 6 years ago

An easy way to achieve this is to get our “Bank Statement Pro” application, an in-house transaction software that imports bulk transactions with options to map all receipt to their respective account heads including customers that paid and expenses to their relevant expense head. 
Our bank statement pro works with all Nigerian bank statement available in excel format, I always advise our clients to do a daily or weekly transaction import, this will help them achieve real-time bank reconciliations; the same bank charges that are hard to track are easily monitored and recorded into QuickBooks.
Connect with us for Bank Statement Pro, 08105090001

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