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Multistore QuickBooks POS Setup Without Server Installations

QuickBooks SupportCategory: Technical IssuesMultistore QuickBooks POS Setup Without Server Installations
Alpha asked 6 years ago

We are a pharmacy with over 10 stores in different states – we use QuickBooks POS at each store but treat them as independently; they are not connected to the central store. We want to centralize our inventory so that all transactions at various locations can sync with the head office for better sales and inventory report.
How do we integrate our POS without buying a server or paying a recurring fee on server installations?

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BigResources Staff answered 6 years ago

Resolving your POS integration issues starts from installation, you need to uninstall all the POS software at various branches. When installing POS software, there are options to install as the head office or remote store; you need to install the POS at different retail stores as remote installation and install at the central office as the head office. 
On the head office POS, you will then state the number of stores you have and how you intend to share data with them, this is where you either go for server method or removable disk, I use removable disk and then explore dropbox as my preferred folder for sharing sales and inventory transactions with head office. Before you start entering sales transactions at the retail store level, you need to do your first push from the head office using the send feature, this will help you push data to the branches.
One key point to note is that, all setup must be done at the head office POS, for instance, if each of the branches has 100 cartons of panadol, at the point of setting up inventory for each store at the head office, you can then enter 100 for store 1, 100 for store 2, 100 for store 3 and so on, so that when you push data to the stores, they will receive the inventory quantity available at their various stores.
An easier way to avoid recurring server fee is to use Dropbox.

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