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My Bakery Business Needs an Accounting Software

QuickBooks SupportCategory: Technical IssuesMy Bakery Business Needs an Accounting Software
Adex asked 6 years ago

I urgently need your assistance in my bakery business, we are losing a lot of inventories and need a reliable accounting software to help us monitor what we buy into the store, and how these raw materials are used to produce snacks.
When we buy materials for productions, it always seems like my staff steal some items as they become insufficient for productions. We need an accounting software that will help track productions activities, sales and expenses on a daily basis?

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BigResources Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Adex, I understand how urgent your needs are right now. You ought to have thought of accounting software needs when you started operation. A bakery is an inventory based business and as such needs a proper system to track inventory.
QuickBooks Premier is the right accounting solution you need right now, it doesn’t only have accounting features that will monitor sales and expenses but comes with a flexible inventory solution designed to track all materials purchases up to measurement in terms of KG, Volume and Bags, you can actually monitor the quantity in store at the point of purchase and how many units were consumed during productions with on hand balances, this will help you know where and where your raw materials were used.
As per your staff, you can assign user roles to them and limit their access to certain sensitive report, even if you give them access to productions and inventory control, you can use the audit trail features to see what each of the staff has entered over time and view a summary of how their operation in QuickBooks.
You can connect with our support centre at info@accountingsoftware.com.ng

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Last modified: May 25, 2018