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QuickBooks for Bottle Water Company

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Tobi asked 6 years ago

Hi, we run a bottle water company in Lagos and are looking for an accounting software that will help us manage inventories, track production activities and generate a financial report. Please advise us on what version is the best?
Also, our MD spends more time in the US, is it possible for him to access the software on his laptop from Abroad?

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1 Answers
BigResources Staff answered 6 years ago

The best QuickBooks version to use is Premier. Premier has a manufacturing feature designed to help you track raw materials, set material requirements for productions. Any time you produce bottled water, you can run production in QuickBooks to track the number of raw materials used and how many packs of bottled-water was produced at every point.
This is in addition to the sales, purchases, expenses, banking and reporting features available. If you MD is interested in remote access, you can either for Enterprise Edition or install a server for remote access. Another recommendation is that you can try Dropbox for remote access if he is only interested in viewing reports.

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Last modified: May 25, 2018