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QuickBooks Software Networking

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Ralph asked 6 years ago

Am in Abuja and would like to get support for QuickBooks in our pharmacy; We are currently using QuickBooks on one user system and need help on how to network other systems to the server, so that everyone can enter transactions from different branches

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2 Answers
BigResources Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Ralph, I really do not know if you are using QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise Edition but here are brief tips to note:
The maximum allowable users on Pro is 3 for US and 5 for UK, Premier is 5 while Enterprise is 30.
Also, networking your QuickBooks user systems requires a server where the data file will be stored. You already mentioned that you have a server so the best solution is to install QuickBooks file on the server and activate the database server manager for easy accessibility, then install on individual systems as clients and connect the system to the server.
At the point of launching QuickBooks, you should locate the data file on the server and connect, I assume the users would have been created in the admin file.

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Ralph answered 6 years ago

Thank you for your response, it was helpful

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