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Remote Access to QuickBooks Desktop, Is it Possible?

QuickBooks SupportCategory: Technical IssuesRemote Access to QuickBooks Desktop, Is it Possible?
Fashion Retail asked 6 years ago

We are currently using QuickBooks Premier desktop to manage our fashion business but my Boss wants to know if she can access the software remotely; whenever she is not in the office, she would like to check all transactions from my personal computer, is it possible?
We are a small business, no much budget on server installation for now, is there an alternative method to do this?

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1 Answers
BigResources Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi, QuickBooks Premier Desktop is best suitable for users who would like to work from a laptop PC but in this case, I understand that your boss is interested in monitoring all transactions, checking report even when she is not around. The best bet would have been a server installation for remote access but since you already stated that your company isn’t willing to invest in that for now, you can explore dropbox folder for remote access.
Download Dropbox folder on your laptop, do the same thing on your Boss PC and log in with the same account details. When you want to back up, save it to the drop box folder so that you boss, at the point of opening QuickBooks on his/her laptop, can then pick the data file from dropbox.
This works well for reporting purpose but not for real-time transaction entries. If you need support service on this, conect with us info@accountingsoftware.com.ng

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