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Tracking Construction Materials Used for Specific Projects

QuickBooks SupportCategory: TransactionsTracking Construction Materials Used for Specific Projects
ATconstructions asked 6 years ago

We are construction company based in Warri, we hand state government projects on road constructions and rehabilitation. Our big concern is that when you buy construction materials for a particular job, it is always difficult to track what is remaining after the project, most of our workers seem to re-sell them off, even the supervisors work with them to do this, how do monitor the usage of this cements, sands, etc?
We are also interested in upgrading our QuickBooks software to the latest version, how can we get it? 

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BigResources Staff answered 6 years ago

Your inventory challenges start from how you track them in QuickBooks, you didn’t mention the version you are currently using but if it’s an older version, please upgrade to a later version.
On your inventory, there is a unit of measure feature available in Premier that lets you track your construction materials in volume, and bags, when new inventories are bought, you need to enter the unit purchased and their cost in QuickBooks and as these materials are used, the supervisors should report daily consumptions which is entered via “Inventory Adjustment Window” so that the on-hand balance of your inventory are constantly monitored on a real time.
You can call 08084219399 for purchases

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