Microsoft Dynamics Training For Enterprise & SMEs

Microsoft Dynamics ERP gives you the all-important tool you need to connect your entire business. From financial and supply chain management, through your operations and human resources, to the business intelligence and reporting you need to make smart decisions. Start with what you need now and easily adapt as your needs change – in the cloud or on your servers the choice is yours.

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SAP Business One ERP Training Course

SAP is the world’s leading provider of ERP software and services, with worldwide revenue in 2014 of 33.56 billion Euros and a 57 percent market share among major business application providers; it is one of the world’s largest software companies overall.

SAP ERP is a flexible, open technology platform that helps businesses run more efficiently (and profitably) by providing integrated management of key operations and supply chains.

This training guide is targeted at people looking for a way to have the right start in SAP environment.

SAP Business Overview

SAP Business One provides an entire set of core modules, including financials, sales, operations, customer management, and logistics, which enable a small-sized to the medium-sized enterprise to manage all aspects of the business.

This course provides an overview of the core functionality of SAP Business One including financials, sales, customer management, inventory, and reporting. In addition, the content is complemented by an assortment of activities that describe many of the day-to-day activities performed with Business One.

SAP ERP Training Course In Nigeria Kenya Ghana Business One

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Event Planning and Management Business Software

Event planning and management is another business where you see more of activities and less of accountability. The reason is not unconnected to the lack of basic accounting and bookkeeping system adopted by event planning business owners.

As more clients request for event planning and management services at the same with huge upfront payment, there is the need to ensure that funds are properly channelled to the appropriate units – from venue booking, ushering fees, catering charges, rental payments to other miscellaneous allocations – which gives rise to the quest for a customized accounting solution.

Accounting solution helps event planners track all cash received from clients and how profitability a job is.

This roundup presents the basic deliverables of accounting software designed for event planning and management business.

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Accounting Software & ERP Dealers

For you to have visited section of our accounting software blog, it simply means you are looking for accounting software sellers in your area

From Sage Peachtree, Tally, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and SAP, there are lots of dealers claiming to be the best go-to-merchants for this financial software but these tips will help you screen all the vendors and know who a genuine dealer is or not.


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Private Schools Accounting Software

One of the key challenges confronting private school proprietors has been how they can organize their books of account in order to track all students data while taking into account paid and outstanding school or tuition fees directly tied to a session which will disclose actual income received and forecast expected income from next sessions plus expense channels.

Here are tips to choosing the right Accounting Software solution for your private school finance.

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QuickBooks Premier Review For SMEs

QuickBooks Premier is designed to make accounting simple for small business and help you save time on the accounting tasks you do most. Easy to learn and use with no accounting knowledge necessary – QuickBooks Accounting Software is guaranteed easy or your money back.

 QuickBooks Premier has all the features of QuickBooks Pro plus more advanced features for stock control, budgeting, and forecasting plus discounting.

Not sure which QuickBooks product is right for you?  Please refer to our support center ( for a guide on how to help choose the right product to meet your business needs.

Accounting Software Construction Industry Nigeria Kenya Ghana

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Accounting Software for Lending Company

Generally, lending business/company is a micro-credit business that accepts savings and provides credit facilities like SME Loan, Mortgage Loan, Personal Loan or Working Capital Finance to qualified customers

This roundup focuses on deliverables of accounting software customized for Lending firm.

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Rental Properties & Management Software

In my last guide, I shared tips on how real estate agent and property manager can choose the right accounting solution for their business.

Recommended Guide: Real Estate Management Business & Home Builder & Development

In addition to that, some property managers asked if I could also share detailed tips on how accounting software can work for property or estate rental business.

The roundup presents some of the features of a well-customized solution for rental properties:

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Accounting Software for Restaurant

As a restaurant business owner, one of your top priorities, as we’ve spotted from experience, is how you can offer the best meal at an appropriate price and get your customers come again. But do you know that bookkeeping also needs to be paid attention?

With proper bookkeeping and accounting, you can interpret your numbers, spot where your business sales are coming from and keep a tab on your finance on a real time?

In this guide, I will be sharing tips you should focus on before deploying accounting software for your restaurant.

Accounting Software Construction Industry Nigeria Kenya Ghana

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Accounting Software Training: QuickBooks Sage Pastel SAP ERP

Are you looking for the best accounting software instructor that will help you understand and show you how real business transactions are entered into accounting software – QuickBooks, Sage or SAP ERP? This guide might be what you need to read before settling for one and get maximum value for your money.

Nowadays everybody claims to be accounting software expert because they are developers, IT support analysts or even auditors. This is a clear divergence on how to spot a good trainer.

Find below my personal tips on how to pick a trainer who will help you learn quickly and get you started in the real business world.

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Sage Pastel Software – 50 Premium Accounting

Sage Pastel offers a diverse range of accounting software solution for businesses in Nigeria.

Just like QuickBooks, Sage allows business owners to automate their accounting system right from start-up stage to full enterprise.

The software solutions are built to cater for business at any stage of growth:

  • Sage Pastel Payroll
  • Sage Pastel Invoicing
  • Sage Pastel My Business
  • Sage Pastel Xpress
  • Sage Pastel 50 Accounts
  • Sage Pastel Partner
  • Sage Pastel Evolution
  • Sage Pastel Auditor
  • Sage Pastel Point of Sale POS

Sage Accounting Software Nigeria Sales Partner Training Evolution 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

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Accounting Software For Farm Business

Someone once asks if he could still deploy an accounting software for his farming business considering the fact the he had zero accounting knowledge. Besides, he seemed contented with the paper record which, from his words, has been helpful in a stock record and expenses.

This article will highlight key points he might have missed in addition to the huge time-saving accounting software for farming business would have earned him:

Accounting Software Construction Industry Nigeria Kenya Ghana

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Accounting Software for IT Companies

In an IT and software businesses, rapid sales growth and increasing activities brings pressures to the finance team: more accounting complexity, less time to adapt to changes and additional reporting requirements. Accounting software in this industry lessens your load by automating even the most complex financial processes. It adapts to your unique business needs, even as those needs change and lets you track your financial position on a real time.

In looking for the right accounting solution, here are salient points to keep a close watch on:

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Accounting Software for Supermarket

Generally, a supermarket is known to be a general merchandise store that stocks different varieties of consumables and household products.

Because of the complexity of price differential and ascertaining the quantity of each of the products available in store on a real time without doing the normal daily count, accounting software has been designed to help business owners stay on top of their business.

Read: POS Software for Small & Large Business

In using good accounting software for your supermarket, here are the key features you should watch out for:

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Accounting Software for Wholesale Distribution

Managing inventory distribution in wholesale is not an easy task especially when you have lots of stocks piled up in Warehouse.

You can read our guide on Accounting Software for Warehouse

In this guide, I will be sharing tips to choosing the best solutions for your warehouse distribution so you can be on top of your wholesale business.

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Can I Use QuickBooks To Manage Insurance Brokerage Business?

Insurance brokerage business isn’t run like a normal retail or product based business. Unlike a normal retail company that buys consumables and resell to customers, Insurance brokers are engaged in the service of helping clients subscribe for insurance products directly from insurance companies while they earn commission on premium paid. As curious as insurance brokerage business owners are (on how a simple software can organise their finance and track cash flow), that’s how they call for a demo.

Last week, I received a call from a Lagos based insurance brokerage company looking to migrate their transactions (3 year period) from excel worksheet to an affordable, off the shelf financial management software so that they can easily track premium receivables, remittance to insurance companies and view commission earned on monthly, weekly and annual basis. Based on the questions asked and direction of our discussion, I will be sharing practical tips on how QuickBooks can take your insurance brokerage business to the next level, so, if you have come to this page to get more details, you will surely find it useful for your company.

I have been in the software industry for 5 years+ before starting my business around implementation and custom application development and can confidently say that QuickBooks is the leading financial application for SMEs in Nigeria.

Here are what setups looks like in the insurance brokerage industry:

Lead Centre

This feature in QuickBooks is designed to help you track prospects you are currently talking to or selling insurance products to. It lets you classify a lead to either cold, warm or hot so that you can ascertain the level of commitment to put in before converting the lead into a customer. The lead centre tracks the name of the prospect, address/contact, updates on meeting and appointments via the note field, etc. 


You can also manage your clients, and track insurance premium paid for a specific period. The invoice feature lets you create “premium receivables” that will be due with details on the period covered, the client’s insurance policy number and other. All transactions that pass through a client’s name build up to form the client’s statement.

More features below:

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Accounting Software for Hospital

Running a medical centre without a proper accounting system is very common in Nigeria. This is not unconnected to the fact that majority of medical staff have zero knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping. I have even seen some that run on paper files and excel which could be tedious as their patient numbers run into hundreds and thousands (for multi-brand centres)

This guide centres on top questions you should discuss with your prospective software consultants before employing their service.

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Accounting Software for Hotels

In a hotel, a staff is dedicated to handling room booking request from customers which demands that you have a proper system of tracking all cash received or payment in advances as well as expenses incurred on each room.

This guide focuses on how to hire an accounting software expert who will help your set-up your books of account on a network and give multiple users access to your data file so you can easily track your business financials?

Here are relevant facts you need to clarify before hiring or employing the service of one:

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Accounting Software for Auto Dealers and Repair Shop

Autos are one of the heavy equipment businesses that require huge capital outlay. From the direct bulk purchase, import duties, inventory management, repair services to sales tracking, you would agree with me that this business is quite demanding and as such owners are advised to have a proper accounting system in place for effective management.

Read:  Software For Fleet Managment 

If you are looking for an accounting software to put in place, this implementation advice focuses on key points you need to know:

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Where to Buy Accounting Software

This short piece was written to address business owners looking for the best accounting software dealers and are turning to road sellers.

Firstly, I wish to commend you for acknowledging the importance of migrating from a manual accounting to automated accounting system. Accounting software will surely save you time and help you experience tremendous growth arising from timely decisions taken with fact and figures.

However, the path most SME owners follow to actualize this automated system is more dangerous and expensive than the many advantages they stand to gain.

Find below the 4 dangers you are exposing your business to when you buy from wrong dealers:

where to buy accounting software in nigeria kenya ghana

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Accounting Software for Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies are well known to be product based outfits. They buy, sell and at times manufacture health related products. Considering the fact that Pharmaceutical companies deal in varieties of products, there is the need to have a proper inventory and account management system that will track item movements (sales and purchases) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

This review focuses on what an accounting solution does for pharmacy:

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Best Accounting Software for Manufacturing Company

Unlike a retail company that buys products from sellers and resell to her customers, manufacturing covers all activities that cut across material purchases, conversion, and finished products based a specified set-up and mix.

As a manufacturer, who wants to master his production business performance effectively, one of your major concern when tracking your day-to-day business operations should be how you can accurately record all the bill of materials consumed during production processes, direct labour wages paid and other direct costs that are relevant to the computation of manufacturing cost. This, among other transaction recording system, is what makes a business owner makes informed and reliable pricing decision. However, if you are looking for an accounting software that will save time and calculate your cost of production based on raw material cost per units and production volume, QuickBooks is the right software for your manufacturing company. The version of QuickBooks that does manufacturing functions is QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise Edition.

If you run a production outfit and are looking for accounting software that will track your manufacturing processes, here are key points you need to ask and confirm before buying your next software:

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Accounting Software for Fleet Management or Haulage Companies

Many trucking, haulage or auto leasing companies, despite their size and capabilities, still use ledgers, manual invoice and excel spreadsheet to manage their financials. If you fall into this category and are looking for the best software to organise all your books into place so you can have a quick look at your company financial performance on a real-time, then, you need QuickBooks accounting software solution.

From our interactions and setup for clients in the haulage sector, here are some of the deliverables of a well customised QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise Solutions:

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Accounting Software for Recruitment Agency

Building a successful recruitment agency requires an organisation to be actively connected to firms looking to fill vacancies and hire competent staff.  But do you know that not having proper accounting system set-up to track cash flows from various revenue channels may affect your growth and expansion as you may lack effective resource allocation and timely decision making with numbers?

Accounting Software for Recruitment Agency Nigeria Kenya Ghana

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